EXERGY develop, engineer and produce Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems, with the innovative and pioneering Radial Outflow Turbine. EXERGY undertake the development and manufacturing process of the ORC turbine and plant internally. This includes R&D, testing, engineering, project management and importantly, After Sales Service.

The After Sales Service offered by EXERGY has been carefully developed to provide a superior level of service and reliability. The customer benefits from our fundamental understanding of their plant, developed during the design and construction phase.

The EXERGY service offering is valid from the start-up of the ORC module, and is additional to the plants warranty (WI), which is part of the machinery supply contract.

EXERGY offer three levels of After Sales Service:

  • Standard Maintenance (SM)
  • Predictive Maintenance (PM)
  • Main Components Guarantee Extension (MCGE)


Standard Maintenance includes:

  •   A complete maintenance program to ensure longer running time of the plant and thus higher power production levels for the customer
  • Up to 2 scheduled maintenance checks per year
  • Remote connection to the control system of the plant by EXERGY technicians
  • Fast response time to indicated failures (within 2 hours during workdays)
  • Replacement of filters
  • Leak detection
  • Calibration of instruments
  • Lubrication oil checked and refilled when needed
  • Check of the operation of local indicators (fluid level and pressure temperature gauges)
  • Back up of control data system
  • Emergency system operation checks
  • Plant visits by experienced members of the EXERGY maintenance team when required

The total cost of materials required to undertake ordinary maintenance operations is included
in the Standard Maintenance (SM) contract fee.

Note: Some basic operations are required to be completed by the plant operators. Full details
are listed in the EXERGY After Sales Service Maintenance Offering document supplied to all clients.


The second level of maintenance builds upon the Standard Maintenance (SM) inclusions and provides
services necessary to maintain optimal operating conditions of the plant.
Predictive Maintenance includes:

  • Remote performance checks by EXERGY maintenance team
  • Fluid levels checked and refilled if necessary
  • Replacement of the bearings of the turbine*
  • Replacement of mechanical seals*
  • Replacement of filters for organic fluid*
  • Refilling of organic fluid when necessary*

* These components are replaced only if necessary.
Note: The working fluid refilling service does not cover leaks caused by other suppliers’ components or servicing not provided by EXERGY.


The third level of After Sales Service is the Main Components Guarantee Extension (MCGE). This builds upon the Standard Maintenance (SM) and Predictive Maintenance (PM) services.
Main Component Guarantee Extension includes:

  • Extended warranty period for EXERGY built turbine and associated components
  • Replacement of EXERGY built components if faulty or worn

The warranty extension refers to the turbine (statoric and rotoric part) and the mechanical coupling shaft.

Note: MCGE service excludes damage caused by atmospheric or natural events, fire, criminal damage, negligence, accidental damage and other non-predictable events.

The EXERGY team of industry experts includes Engineers, Product Managers, Technology Specialist and Designers, Sales & Marketing Professionals, Service Quality Managers and Support staff.

Decades of experience in turbine design and maintenance, coupled with passion, drive and commitment ensure that the EXERGY solution is the best choice for your business.