Dear Diesel & Gas Turbine reader, 
thank you for your interest in EXERGY's ORC technology.
If you have come this far
this means you would like to make the most of your waste heat, 
so don't turn back.

EXERGY's ORC innovative technology with the revolutionary Radial Outflow Turbine offers superior high efficiency for recovering exhaust heat from modern low temperature engines. Some of the key advantages of EXERGY's solution for heat recovery from engines/turbines:

    • competitive capital costs leading to fast payback
    • higher efficiency than ORC systems employing axial turbines at a variety of operating temperatures and loads
    • Flexibility given by a simpler construction technology meaning an easy-installing plant
    • Flexible placement away from the heat source if required
    • Fast start up and shut down
    • Minimum turbulance and low vibrations leading to longer life of the plant and consequently lower maintenance costs
    • no water treatment plant or make up water required
    • Automated operation meaning lower operational costs

See here an example of application of EXERGY's ORC solution for heat recovery from  7 gas engines:

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