Designed by EXERGY, the Radial Outflow Turbine (ROT) is unique in the ORC marketplace.

Technologies are covered by multiple IP rights  and the company is fast becoming recognized as a game changer in the marketplace.

When working with an organic fluid, most of the characteristics of the Radial Outflow Turbine become advantageous. These advantages include:


Key advantages include:

  • Higher efficiency than an axial turbine
  • Multiple pressure admissions possible on a single disk
  • 2 pressures on single wheel gives a cost effective solution
  • Low speed turbine means no gearbox, and therefore higher reliability
  • Large increase in volumetric flow achieved without the need for extreme changes in blade height
  • Outward movement of fluid minimizes 3D effects
  • Minimum turbulance, meaning maximum efficiency
  • Excellent match between volumetric flow and the cross section across the radius
  • No need for partial admission
  • Less tip leakage and disk friction losses
  • Less limitation on cycle pressure
  • Low vibrations, meaning longer life on the bearings

All these factors lead to a more efficient machine, rotating at a low rotation speed with very low noise level and vibration.